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at Allegany Museum

Rediscover the strength and spirit of American workers by visiting "The Way We Worked" and exploring local companion exhibits at six locations across Allegany County.

View The Way We Worked in Allegany County

From February 4 through March 24, 2017, Allegany Museum presents The Way We Worked along with the companion exhibit How Our Working Lives Have Changed: Allegany County, 1877-2017. Experience the development of safe workplaces, compensation for work-related death and injury, and the acceptance of unions through three dioramas: B&O and the Great Strike of 1877, Labor Day Marches and the Development of Unions, and The Celanese Corporation and the struggle for Union Representation.

Tour Schedule

February 4–March 24, 2017 Western Maryland Heritage Association, Cumberland, Allegany County
April 1–May 20, 2017 Sumner Hall (G.A.R. Post 15), Chestertown, Kent County
May 27–July 15, 2017 Carroll County Farm Museum, Westminster, Carroll County
July 22–September 9, 2017 Brunswick Heritage Museum, Brunswick, Frederick County
September 16–November 4, 2017 Salisbury University Art Galleries, Salisbury, Wicomico County

About The Way We Worked
With their hands and minds hard at work and sweat on their brows, American workers perform a diverse array of jobs to power our society. Whether we work for professional satisfaction and personal growth or to ensure the well-being of ourselves and our families, work is a part of nearly every American’s life. Office workers, factory workers, homemakers, truckers and the millions more who keep the nation going through their work make great contributions not only to industry, but also to American culture. The diversity of the American workforce is one of its strengths, providing an opportunity to explore how people of all races and ethnicities identified commonalities and worked to knock down barriers in the professional world. And, finally, the exhibition shows how we identify with work – as individuals and as communities.

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