Maryland History Day Video Resources

Maryland History Day Research in Action Collections

The Research in Action video series provides deep dives into areas of the History Day process for both students and teachers to strengthen students’ research skills both inside and outside the classroom. The videos focus on teaching the thesis, teaching the bibliography, working with museums and archives, and conducting oral history research. Teachers, you can watch the videos to give yourself a refresher on these topics and then assign the students the videos to watch on their own time, or watch in class together.

Maryland History Day Teacher Resources

The teacher resources playlist contains all videos the Maryland History Day Outreach staff has created for educators. This playlist includes monthly teacher meetings from 2021, as well as videos made specifically for teachers of ESOL students, youth division, and homeschool educators.

Maryland History Day Student Resources

The Maryland History Day Student collection includes two years of Student Office Hours, which provide important tips and tricks for students at every step of the History Day process. These videos can help students who are motivated to understand more about history day.