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Meet the dynamic group of people responsible for championing the humanities throughout Maryland!

Our Staff

Isabella Altherr (she/her)
Program Coordinator
(410) 685-0452

Lia Atanat (she/her)
Maryland History Day Outreach & Professional Development Coordinator

Lindsey Baker (she/her)
Executive Director
(410) 699-3130

Ellie Benedict (she/her)
Development Specialist

Stephanie Boyle (she/her)
Program Officer
(410) 685-4185

Alexandra Cenatus
Director of Programs
(410) 685-6161

Aditya Desai (he/him)
Program Officer
(410) 685-0095

Eden Etzel (she/her)
Program Assistant
Maryland Center for the Book
(410) 685-3715

Robert Forloney (he/him)
Program Officer
(410) 463-2293

Kelly King (she/her)
Chief Impact Officer
(410) 685-1653

Emmie Michalkiewicz (she/her)
Maryland History Day Outreach & Professional Development Assistant
(410) 246-9424

Emily Ross (she/her)
Program Officer, Grants

Camilla Sandoval (she/her)
Program Coordinator
Grants & Community Engagement
(410) 762-8663

Sarah Weissman (she/her)
Communications Specialist
(410) 685-4186

Lou Williams (they/she)
Operations Manager
(410) 685-4182

Our Board

Alicia Jones McLeod

Baltimore County

Keith Stone
Vice Chair

Baltimore City

Carmel Roques

Howard County

Ronald (Ron) H. Nowaczyk

Allegany County

Julia (Julie) Madden*
Government Liaison
Howard County

Mary Hastler
Immediate Past Chair

Harford County

Kendra Brown
Prince George’s County

Mollie Caplis
Baltimore County

Tahira Christmon
Howard County

Chanel Johnson
Baltimore City

Rachael Gibson
Montgomery County

Shauna Knox
Montgomery County

Soo Koo
Montgomery County

Ronald (Pete) Lesher, Jr.*
Talbot County

Kimberly R. Moffitt
Baltimore County

Jeanne Pirtle
St. Mary’s County

Nancy Rogers
Montgomery County

Jennifer Shea
Talbot County

Saima Sitwat
Baltimore City

Guffrie M. Smith, Jr.
Calvert County

Marshall F. Stevenson, Jr.
Somerset County

Sharon Whitney
Anne Arundel County

Allyson Black Woodson
Anne Arundel County

*Gubernatorial appointee

Are you or is someone you know passionate about the humanities and lifelong learning and have an interest in volunteer service? Consider nominating yourself or them to our Board of Directors.


  • “Lifelong learning is continuing to read, listen, learn, share ideas, discuss, and be enlightened by the great ideas and events of the human experience during the course of an entire life.”

    ​Maryland Humanities survey participant
  • I didn’t know that with history came such unique stories and experience.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “[Veterans Book Group] was better than expected! [I got] a feeling of connection and pride with the other member [and] I’d love to participate again in any future book clubs—I enjoyed the stimulation.”

    Veterans Book Group participant
  • “It was an interesting thing to do. The process of digging through photos, souvenirs, copies of old orders, and other memorabilia was meaningful after 43 years. I WAS impressed with all of the students I met.”

    ​Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, veteran participant
  • “For the second year, my students are demonstrating an enthusiasm and effort that surpasses what they usually display. I know this is due to the wonderful opportunity you provide – a chance to write to their favorite author. Authentic communication truly inspires my students! … I am confident that this will become a significant memory in my students’ sixth grade experience. How wonderful that it should promote the beauty and the strength of the written word.”

    Letters About Literature teacher
  • “I had never done anything like this before so it was a totally new experience to write a paper, be interviewed, and defend my positions. I now really know how to do research and it has improved my writing skills.”

    ​Maryland History Day student
  • “[One Maryland One Book] taught me how much we need to talk and listen to one another.”

    One Maryland One Book 2016 participant
  • “[Participation in the program] continues to remind that as humans, we are diverse and handle situations in accordance with who we are as individuals. Being so reminded fosters patience and empathy in dealing with everyone I come in contact with.”

    ​Literature & Medicine participant
  • “This program is a gift, literally and figuratively!”

    One Maryland One Book 2015 teacher
  • “The project definitely raised the visibility of our organization in western Maryland. Spruce Forest Artisan Village has become a fixture in Garrett County, but it does become taken for granted. This project gave local residents a new reason to make the effort to make a return visit to the Village. Moreover, the programs hosted by the adjacent Penn Alps Restaurant helped us in reaching a new audience.”

    ​Kara Rogers Thomas ~ Frostburg State University faculty, and Board Member at Spruce Forest Artisan Village, Grantsville, MD, Host Site, Museum on Main Street
  • I enjoyed it as much as the students.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, veteran participant
  • I thought it was a very good learning experience. We actually got to talk to someone who took place in the Vietnam War.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “We were very impressed with the depth of research all the students did for their History Day projects. It was fun to see them interacting with each other during the competition and events.”

    Lori and Josh Skillman, History Day Parents
  • “The part of History Day that had the most impact on me was seeing all the other entries and entry categories. It was really inspiring to see so many different people of history honored for their leadership and legacy as that was this years theme. You forget that the whole world has a history and there are so many different people and leaders who make up that history. The fact that this day brings together all of us students, our imaginations, our creativity, research skills, and history really reminds you how much of us would be lost if we didn’t remember those who made an impact.”

    ​Maryland History Day student participant
  • “One student who has been held back several years and suffers from emotional disorders spent several minutes asking One Maryland One Book [author Daniel James Brown] questions. He very patiently listened and answered each question. He then signed her book: ‘Write with your heart not your head.’ To watch this interaction was very touching.”

    One Maryland One Book 2015 teacher
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