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Meet the dynamic group of people responsible for championing the humanities throughout Maryland!

Our Staff

Isabella Altherr (she/her)
Program Coordinator
(410) 685-0452

Lia Atanat (she/her)
Maryland History Day Outreach & Professional Development Coordinator

Lindsey Baker (she/her)
Executive Director
(410) 685-0095

Stephanie Boyle (she/her)
Program Officer
(410) 685-4185

Alexandra Cenatus
Director of Programs
(410) 685-6161

Yana Demireva (she/her)
Data & Evaluation Specialist

Aditya Desai (he/him)
Program Officer
(410) 685-0095

Eden Etzel (she/her)
Program Assistant
Maryland Center for the Book
(410) 685-3715

Robert Forloney (he/him)
Program Officer
(410) 463-2293

Kelly King (she/her)
Chief Impact Officer
(410) 685-1653

Emmie Michalkiewicz (she/her)
Maryland History Day Outreach & Professional Development Assistant
(410) 246-9424

Camilla Sandoval (she/her)
Program Coordinator
Grants & Community Engagement
(410) 762-8663

Sarah Weissman (she/her)
Communications Specialist
(410) 685-4186

Lou Williams (they/she)
Operations Manager
(410) 685-4182

Our Board

Alicia Jones McLeod

Baltimore County

Keith Stone
Vice Chair

Baltimore City

Carmel Roques

Howard County

Ronald (Ron) H. Nowaczyk

Allegany County

Julia (Julie) Madden*
Government Liaison
Howard County

Mary Hastler
Immediate Past Chair

Harford County

Kendra Brown
Prince George’s County

Mollie Caplis
Baltimore County

Tahira Christmon
Howard County

Chanel Compton
Baltimore City

Mary Mateer Cummings*
Garrett County

Rachael Gibson
Montgomery County

Shauna Knox
Montgomery County

Soo Koo
Montgomery County

Ronald (Pete) Lesher, Jr.*
Talbot County

Kimberly R. Moffitt
Baltimore County

Jeanne Pirtle
St. Mary’s County

Nancy Rogers
Montgomery County

Jennifer Shea
Montgomery County

Saima Sitwat
Baltimore City

Guffrie M. Smith, Jr.
Calvert County

Marshall F. Stevenson, Jr.
Calvert County

Sharon Whitney
Anne Arundel County

Allyson Black Woodson
Anne Arundel County

*Gubernatorial appointee

Are you or is someone you know passionate about the humanities and lifelong learning and have an interest in volunteer service? Consider nominating yourself or them to our Board of Directors.



  • “The Smithsonian exhibit, Key Ingredients: America By Food, has left the building but not the community. We got a glimpse of what we can do and how we can bring the community together around a common goal. From this day forward, the sky is now the limit for DCHS.”

    ​Carol Lacy ~ Dorchester County Historical Society, Cambridge, MD, Host Site, Museum on Main Street
  • “The thing that had the most impact were the skills that I got from this project. I developed better hunting skills in terms of looking for reliable sources and I also learned to work hard and not procrastinate to achieve something great.”

    Maryland History Day student participant
  • “My participation continuance with the program comes from the great cohesiveness of our group… even when new people join… everyone’s ideas and work philosophies teach me something new about how to handle my work and my own life.”

    ​Literature & Medicine participant
  • It was more than just a research project, it was more personal than that.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “Across three months of programming, Kent County witnessed an explosion of 39 free public humanities and arts program presented by more than 20 community partners. Hosted by local churches, businesses, storefronts, art galleries, environmental groups and government agencies, these programs included lectures, exhibitions, walking tours, poster contests, book discussions, school field trips and oral history projects. This wide-ranging and grassroots approach to fostering civic dialogue created a moment for the community to pause and reflect – to consider together its diverse work experiences and shared economic histories while also discussing the county’s economic potential and planning policies moving forward.”

    Barbara Foster, Vice President, G.A.R. Post #25 Sumner Hall, Chestertown, MD, Host Site, Museum on Main Street
  • “[I liked] witnessing three leaders in American thought discuss important issues in illuminating ways.”

    Pulitzer 100 event attendee
  • “I had never done anything like this before so it was a totally new experience to write a paper, be interviewed, and defend my positions. I now really know how to do research and it has improved my writing skills.”

    ​Maryland History Day 2015 Student
  • Good way to make learning real world. I learned first-hand what it was like in Vietnam, I learned a lot from this and enjoyed the experience.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “It provided an opportunity for my child to learn through experiential opportunities. He had interviews and tours that were relevant to his topic that helped the history come alive and create unforgettable memories.”

    Maryland History Day 2015 Parent
  • “Lifelong learning is continuing to read, listen, learn, share ideas, discuss, and be enlightened by the great ideas and events of the human experience during the course of an entire life.”

    ​Maryland Humanities survey participant
  • “[This panel provided] interesting insights into areas of our community that I don’t get by direct observation.”

    Pulitzer Panel attendee
  • “[One Maryland One Book] brings cross curricular teachers together to the library to read, discuss topics and social issues in the book. It’s a way for students to read good books without the pressure of an assignment.”

    One Maryland One Book 2015 teacher
  • I enjoyed it as much as the students.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, veteran participant
  • “[The Walking Tour] was a delight: loved the audience-participation with the quotations; great history and anecdotes from the guides; they were excellent at asking provocative questions of the participants, eliciting thought and engagement; good pace, even for someone slow walking.”

    ​Literary Walking Tour Participant
  • I felt that I had a very unique oral history experience. It was very emotional and I feel that I learned valuable information. I got to learn stories and practice skills that normally I wouldn’t have been comfortable with.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
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