Regional Humanities Networks

Working to Build Resilient Humanities Communities

Maryland Humanities is working with vibrant local humanities communities. Communities where the humanities play a central role in public life and where local stakeholders actively support humanities organizations’ work-to demonstrate and leverage the value of this work.

We are focused on how organizations in different sectors- including but not limited to community organizations, universities, colleges, libraries, museums, and historical societies -can pool their resources in order to assess, enhance, and communicate their public impact in ways that ultimately foster greater regional support for the humanities.

These in-person and virtual meetings are an opportunity for humanities partners located across the state of Maryland to collaborate, share resources, and demonstrate to local stakeholders and policymakers the value of humanities work in their communities.

This capacity building project promotes connections among organizations allowing Maryland Humanities to serve as a statewide convener in local communities. Our hope is to amplify the work of and hold space for partners with diverse stories, audiences, and programs to promote dialogue and support collaborative efforts statewide.