Outreach and Professional Development

Are you a relatively new History Day teacher or a veteran in need of a refresher course? The Maryland History Day team is here to help you!

Lia Atanat is just an email away! She and outreach assistant Emmie are happy to come visit your class to introduce Maryland History Day, or to help your students sharpen their existing skills. Request a classroom visit by contacting the outreach team through the form below.

Department leaders, supervisors, and administrators can also schedule professional development sessions to prepare their teachers for History Day through the link below.

Current Opportunities

2024 Summer Institute: Primary Sources and Project-Based Learning Will Be Announced Spring of 2024

Maryland Humanities is pleased to offer two free, in-person summer teacher institutes funded by the Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources program. Participants will receive three MSDE CPD credits. All K-12 teachers, specialists, and librarians are welcome to apply. Space is limited; successful applicants will be notified.

Summer Institute at Salisbury University

K–12 educators are invited to join us in Salisbury, MD for a research experience with a focus on local history. This institute will center on a new project from the Edward H. Nabb Research Center for Delmarva History and Culture, Enduring Connections: Exploring Delmarva’s Black History. Participants will do in-depth research using primary sources from the Nabb Center’s physical and online collections. Learn from local experts, get familiar with the National History Day research model, and complete a mini-research project to share with your students. Discover free teaching resources including Maryland Humanities’ TPS Inquiry Kits. 

Summer Institute at the National Archives Museum in Washington, D.C.

We will welcome K–12 educators to join us in Washington, D.C., for a research experience focused on exploring the National Archives. Participants will choose a research topic and use primary sources from the National Archives’ physical and online collections. Learn about the National History Day theme and complete your own mini-research project to take back to your classroom. Explore free teaching resources including DocsTeach from the National Archives and Maryland Humanities’ TPS Inquiry Kits. 

Questions? Email Lia Atanat at latanat@mdhumanities.org.


Topic Description Length
Introduction to Maryland History Day Teachers will learn how to implement History Day in the classroom. They will review and discuss basic information on how to use the program. Teachers will also practice analyzing primary sources from the Library of Congress. 45-90 minutes
Analyzing Documents through Project Based Learning: Maryland History Day in the Classroom This 3 CPD credit online Thinkport course is an in-depth look at how to use the Maryland History Day program to increase student analysis skills. Teachers will produce a History Day project themselves, while creating a master plan for using Maryland History Day in their own classrooms. 6 weeks
Local Connection: Analyzing Documents in Maryland History Available as a short session, using Library of Congress resources, or as day-long PD session with multiple local experts. 45 mins-4 hours
Analyzing Historical Documents with English Language Learners and Emerging Readers: Using Maryland History Day in the Classroom Learn tips on using Maryland History Day to engage English Language Learners and Emerging Readers in document analysis. Teacher resources will be provided. 45-90 minutes
Primary Documents and Project Based Learning: Special Topics Teachers will analyze Library of Congress primary sources related to one particular subject. They will discuss how to use such sources in their classroom, and how students can create projects based on primary sources. 45-90 minutes
Maryland History Day: Advanced

Explore Maryland History Day in depth with Outreach staff.

Discuss tips for developing topics, research, writing theses, and creating projects.

45-90 minutes. Also available as an all day workshop.
  • “By using a variety of sources, I was able to get angles on my topic that I wasn’t able to before. Also, I learned so much about a topic near and dear to my heart that will enrich my learning later in life.”

    Maryland History Day 2015 Student
  • “We were very impressed with the depth of research all the students did for their History Day projects. It was fun to see them interacting with each other during the competition and events.”

    Lori and Josh Skillman, History Day Parents
  • “It provided an opportunity for my child to learn through experiential opportunities. He had interviews and tours that were relevant to his topic that helped the history come alive and create unforgettable memories.”

    Maryland History Day 2015 Parent
  • “History Day inspired me to become deeply invested in historical topics which I never thought I’d enjoy. It is an amazing experience that has the ability to make learning fun for everyone, no matter what you’re interested in.”

    Addie Skillman, National History Day Gold Winner
  • “I had never done anything like this before so it was a totally new experience to write a paper, be interviewed, and defend my positions. I now really know how to do research and it has improved my writing skills.”

    ​Maryland History Day student
  • “I think the continual process of improving her research and presentation through the various levels of competition has been incredibly valuable. It has caused her to dig deeper in her research and build upon and refine her work and presentation.”

    ​Maryland History Day parent
  • “[My son] became a real expert in his topic and, he says, developed a life-long love of history, especially the history of music. I cannot thank you enough for this rare and incredible opportunity.”

    Andrea LeWinter, parent of Maryland History Day participant
  • “[The students] learned a variety of ways to present their material and they could focus on what they wanted to learn about. The students had a choice in their learning. It was about their learning NOT what someone else felt they need to learn.”

    ​Maryland History Day teacher
  • “My students became more competent researchers, and took ownership of their work. They had total free reign to choose their topic, direct their research, and create their final project.”

    ​Maryland History Day 2015 Teacher
  • “The researching and communicating skills have made me a more confident person in all academic endeavors. These are skills that will last me a lifetime.”

    ​Maryland History Day student participant
  • “The thing that had the most impact were the skills that I got from this project. I developed better hunting skills in terms of looking for reliable sources and I also learned to work hard and not procrastinate to achieve something great.”

    Maryland History Day student participant
  • “MHD illustrated the applicability of the study of history to contemporary issues and current events. It was very motivating to converse with the students about their historical topic and observe how they applied it to current events and their own life circumstances.”

    ​Maryland History Day parent
  • “My students went deeper with primary and secondary sources than ever before. They used critical thinking skills and applied the transfer goals and essential questions on a deeper level than they could have in class. It challenged them to think deeper and defend their findings.”

    Maryland History Day 2019 Teacher
  • I’ve loved judging! It’s exciting to see the passion the middle schoolers have put in their projects. I hope that my critiques have helped strive for excellence throughout their lives.

    Dee Krasnansky, Maryland History Day Judge
  • “Maryland History Day challenged my daughter to go deeper, deeper in research analysis and presentation. It took her to a whole new level academically.”

    ​Maryland History Day parent
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