These 10 books with Baltimore ties will get you through the holidays and just possibly self-quarantine.

December 2, 2020

The Baltimore Sun, November 24, 2020
by Mary Carole McCauley

The 10 titles below represent a fraction of the books with Maryland ties or themes that were of special interest to local book lovers in 2020. There are dozens of other titles that are equally worthy but aren’t mentioned here for reasons of space; we urge you to seek them out.

Wrap them up with ribbon and over the holidays, give them to someone you love — including yourself. You won’t even have to wear a mask to enjoy them….

The book cover of THE ISLE OF SEA WOMEN by Lisa See. The cover is aqua with white font. Two Korean women stand in clothes, swimcaps, and goggles. They are carrying nets. They stand on a rock near the water. We also see plants.“The Island of Sea Women” by Lisa See

If the pandemic has left you feeling unconnected, pick up this novel, which was selected as the One Maryland, One Book selection for 2020, and take part in a shared reading experience. Set on the Korean island of Jeju, the story explores female friendship and the fascinating tradition of all-female diving collectives. The bond between two girls from very different backgrounds unfolds over decades, beginning with Japanese colonialism, continuing through World War II and the Korean War and ending in the era of cellphones.

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