Wicomico History Teacher Recognized

April 13, 2020

The Maryland Coast Dispatch, April 9, 2020
by Bethany Hooper

SALISBURY – A Bennett Middle School teacher is being recognized for her contributions to history education.

Late last month, Maryland Humanities and National History Day recognized Bennett Middle School teacher Sarah Mason, who received a nomination for the Patricia Behring Teach of the Year Award…In an interview this week, Mason said she was surprised to learn she had been nominated by her supervisor, Lori Bock, for the Behring Award.

“She said she nominated me because of my inclusion of local history and field trips to the Nabb Research Center,” she said.

In 2018, Mason began incorporating Maryland History Day into the curriculum for her eighth-grade U.S. History class… “They [the students]are allowed to focus on local history, which isn’t necessarily taught in school,” she said. “This allows them to appreciate and embrace local history.” Mason said the Maryland History Day program also teaches her students time management and confidence and allows them to develop their research skills.

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