Veterans Programs

Maryland Humanities is proud to present a series of programs that explore the military experience and what it means to serve.

As home to eleven military installations, a distinguished military academy, and an estimated 400,000 veterans, the state of Maryland shares a long and important history with America’s armed forces. Veterans and active duty military personnel are our neighbors, co-workers, and our family members. Maryland Humanities, in partnership with veterans’ service organizations across the state, has developed a series of programs for veterans and active duty military, their families, and the public at large that use the humanities to explore the history, experience, and meaning of war and military service.

Veterans’ Programs


Veterans Oral History Project

Since 2015, students at Southern High School in Anne Arundel County have conducted oral history interviews with Vietnam War veterans and Vietnamese immigrants who experienced the war. These students first receive training in oral history techniques in classroom sessions with oral historian Dr. Barry Lanman of the Martha Ross Center at the University of Maryland Baltimore County. Transcripts and video of the interviews are housed at the Maryland State Archives and can be accessed online here. The project is showcased at annual community events.

Learn More About the Veterans Oral History Project

Veterans Book Groups

Maryland Humanities works with local veterans to plan and facilitate small-group reading and discussion programs at the Baltimore County, Towson Library, the Harford County, Bel Air Library, Howard County, Central Branch, Prince George’s County, Montpelier Arts Center, or the St. Mary’s County, Lexington Park library. Created by the Maine Humanities Council, Veterans Book Groups aim to bring veterans of all eras and active military together to talk about military experiences and returning to civilian life while providing an informal yet supportive environment for discussion.

Learn More About Veterans Book Groups

Veterans programs at Maryland Humanities are sponsored in part by Lockheed Martin and The Wawa Foundation, with support of Veterans Book Group statewide by David Bruce Smith and in Baltimore County by The Citizens of Baltimore County via the Baltimore County Commission on the Arts & Sciences.

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  • It’s different from other projects because I actually got to interact with someone and get information from something other than a history book.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “I feel very proud and happy that I did this, it motivates me to learn more about history. My opinion of history has changed. It made me more motivated to learn about history and it seems much more interesting now.”

    ​Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • We were really moved by the testimony of the veterans and impressed by the professionalism and dedication of the students.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, parent
  • I thought it was a very good learning experience. We actually got to talk to someone who took place in the Vietnam War.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • I thought the interview was gonna be boring but since it happened I had a lot of fun learning about my veteran’s experiences.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • I felt that I had a very unique oral history experience. It was very emotional and I feel that I learned valuable information. I got to learn stories and practice skills that normally I wouldn’t have been comfortable with.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “I feel more connected to history.”

    ​Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “I met some great people, read books I might never have otherwise, [and] had great discussion.”

    Veterans Book Group participant
  • “[In Veterans Book Group,] I learned a different way to explain combat experience to one who has never been in the service.”

    Veterans Book Group participant
  • It was an interesting thing to do. The process of digging through photos, souvenirs, copies of old orders, and other memorabilia was meaningful after 43 years…I was impressed with all of the students I met.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, veteran participant
  • “This oral history experience was amazing. I learned so much and will never forget this. I LOVED IT, I was super skeptical at first. I felt like we had a lack of planning but I think everything went so great.”

    ​Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, student participant
  • “Being a part of the group provided me with a safe area to revisit my thoughts and feelings on my experience during the war.”

    Veterans Book Group participant
  • Thank you once again for the opportunity for me to share with your students a little about my Vietnam experiences. What you are doing is very special and I hope you will be able to continue this fine effort.

    Standing Together: Veterans Oral History Project, veteran participant
  • “[In Veterans Book Group,] I made connections with other vets.”

    Veterans Book Group participant
  • “This was the first time I felt comfortable admitting that I was a female Viet Nam vet!”

    Veterans Book Group participant
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