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Emily Ross, Program Officer, Grants
Camilla Sandoval, Program Coordinator, Grants

FAQs for Grant Recipients

Here are answers to the most commonly asked questions our Grantees have through the life of their grant.

  • My organization was awarded a Maryland Humanities Grant! Now what?
    Congratulations! Your Project Director will receive a Grant Award Package in the mail, which includes an award letter, two copies of the signed Grant Agreement, a Payment Request Form, and a Grant Administration Procedures packet. One of the Grant Agreements must be signed and returned with the Payment Request Form, to formalize acceptance of the grant terms and to receive your dispersal check.

    Most of your questions can be answered by looking at the Grants Administration Procedures.

  • What if my program changes?
    All changes in the scope or the objectives of a project, the project director, or the duration of the project must be approved in writing by Maryland Humanities. This includes changes in speakers and scholars involved in the project. Requests for program changes must be submitted in writing and in advance by the Project Director.

    If you find it necessary to extend the grant period for your project, a written or emailed request from the Grant Administrator must be submitted to us for approval prior to the original completion date.

  • What if my budget changes?
    You must follow the budget submitted with the grant application, which is subject to the terms of these provisions and any conditions and restrictions specified in the Grant Agreement. The following budget changes must be submitted in advance to us for approval: the addition or deletion of budget items; the inclusion of costs that were specifically disallowed in the Grant Agreement; and the transfer of funds that were budgeted for direct costs to cover indirect costs. The Grant Recipient may transfer funds among direct cost categories, provided the scope or objectives of the project are not changed. Requests for budget changes must be submitted in writing and in advance by the Grant Administrator.
  • How do I track my grant-funded events for my Final Report?

    Tracking your events will make filling out your final report a lot easier. Your audience demographic profile (gender, ethnicity, age group) will be required, as will a final Program Event Log. (This document is similar to the event log you submitted during your application.)

    Use one Event Review form to collect information for each grant-funded event you have.  Enter as much information as you can gather from observation. Save the completed forms to enter the data into the Final Program Event Log.

    Event Review Form


  • How will the grant funds be dispersed?
    Grant Recipients may receive their grant award on an advance or reimbursement basis. Mini grants of $1,200 or less may be advanced in full in one installment. Awards over $1,200 may be advanced for sums that in total are not more than 90% of the total award. The final 10% of all grants over $1,200 will be paid upon receipt of the Final Report.

    The Payment Request Form (included as part of your Grant Award Package) must be filled out and returned to Maryland Humanities to receive grant funds. The Grant Recipient should allow two to three weeks for a check to be issued.

    All activities that are paid from a Maryland Humanities grant award must have occurred during the official grant period. The grant period begins on the date specified in the application or the date on which Maryland Humanities approves funding for the grant and concludes sixty days following the completion of project activities funded by Maryland Humanities.

  • Where can I go for answers?

    Most of your answers can likely be found in our detailed Grants Administration Procedures packet, included as part of your Grant Award Package.

    Download Full Document

    If you still need help, contact Marilyn Hatza or Adrienne Cassara.

  • “It is difficult to properly express our gratitude to Maryland Humanities for the help and support that we received through the grant-making process and through the project…The support of (Maryland Humanities) was not in funding alone. By including a spot about the initiative in (their) Humanities Connection program on WYPR, Maryland Humanities did much to help promote our initiative and alert the general public about the program that we were running in the early months of the fall.”

    Dr. Kimberly Coles ~ Chair, Education and Citizenship Project Committee, University of Maryland College Park
  • “We have truly enjoyed every funding experience with Maryland Humanities – mostly because it feels like a collaborative relationship. The staff at (Maryland Humanities) is very helpful when preparing grant proposals and reports, and we love seeing (Maryland Humanities) administrators attending our performances and other programming.”

    Center Stage, Humanities Fund for Baltimore grantee, Baltimore City
  • “This Maryland Humanities grant is absolutely vital to the mission of our non-profit organization devoted to archaeological research and public education. Simply put, we could not have carried out our ambitious exhibit projects without this much-appreciated support. Maryland Humanities has enabled us to share meaningful stories and engage audiences in innovative and creative ways. The platform they have provided strengthens our organization and the community we serve. Thank you!”

    Lost Towns Project, Inc., Major Grant recipient, Anne Arundel County
  • “Without support from Maryland Humanities, we never could have put together an exhibit and programming at this scale. This support allowed us to cover many more writers, artists and musicians in the exhibit than we otherwise could have done. It enabled us to offer at lease 50 percent more programming than we could have done on our own. The funds also enabled us to promote the exhibit and programs to a wider market. Furthermore, knowing there was a chance for this grant to be awarded, we felt able to apply for (even more) support from the local cultural arts board… We are enormously grateful.”

    Carol Allen, Director for the Library & Hays-Heighe House, Harford Community College, Major Grant recipient
  • “It is difficult to properly express our gratitude to Maryland Humanities for the help and support that we received through the grant-making process and through the project. The grant was crucial to the success of the project, and instrumental in bringing the poet (and 2016 MacArthur Fellow) Claudia Rankine to our campus. As the author of “Citizen: An America Lyric,” Rankine’s powerful reading and discussion of her work provided the anchor for our programming about public education and the role it plays in shaping the political citizen… (Maryland Humanities staff) were a constant source of encouragement and support–and we are proud to have been one of the projects that it recognized this year.”

    Dr. Kimberly Coles ~ Chair, Education and Citizenship Project Committee, University of Maryland College Park
  • “Funding from the Maryland Humanities to distribute our first publication allowed Wide Angle Youth Media to expand our reach and share youth voice in a way we have never done before. With your support, this project has not only been successful in programmatic outcomes, but has inspired and empowered young people, giving them the platform to become published artists and share their voices in our city and beyond.”

    Wide Angle Youth Media, Humanities Fund for Baltimore grantee, Baltimore City
  • “We had a great experience working with Maryland Humanities. Your team was very hands on, provided clear guidelines and seemed glad to assist us throughout our process. Thank you so much for the support we received to carry out our event and do much needed social justice work in our city.”

    New Lens, Humanities Fund for Baltimore grantee
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