Rembrandt Peale Museum
The Peale Museum
Did you know that the Peale is the oldest museum building in the United States? Nancy Proctor, director of the Peale Center for Baltimore History and Architecture, tells us a bit about the Peale’s past, present, and future in Baltimore.
August 4, 2017 Nancy Proctor
Elisabeth Dahl
Finding and Cultivating Your Ideas
One of the most popular questions writers face from their curious audiences is “where do you get your ideas?” Elisabeth Dahl, a local author who writes fiction and nonfiction for children and adults, tackles that question as well as its natural follow-up: “how do you bring those ideas to life?”
July 31, 2017 Elisabeth Dahl
Baltimore's Civil Rights Heritage
What do you remember about the Civil Rights movement? A new project from Baltimore Heritage seeks to document and preserve local civil rights history. Baltimore Heritage’s Director of Preservation and Outreach, Eli Pousson, tells us more.
July 21, 2017 Eli Pousson
Jane Cox on a dig
Humanism in Archaeology
We know archaeology connects us to the past, but how does it reveal the humanity of our ancestors? Jane Cox, Chief of Historic Preservation for Anne Arundel County and Board Member for the Lost Towns Project, an Anne Arundel County-based nonprofit and recent Maryland Humanities grantee, tells us more.
July 7, 2017 Jane Cox
Bay Bridge
History of the Bay Bridge
Have you ever wondered about the history of the Bay Bridge as you drive across it each summer? Maggie Pelta-Pauls, intern at Preservation Maryland, tells us a bit about how this invaluable connector and Maryland landmark came to be.
June 30, 2017 Maggie Pelta-Pauls
Bessie Baker
Maryland Nurses in World War I
This July, Maryland Humanities is commemorating the centennial of the United States’ entry into World War I with its free living history performance series, Chautauqua. Ellouise Schoettler, a storyteller whose living history performance is drawn from letters from Maryland nurses who served in France during the War, tells us more.
June 23, 2017 Ellouise Schoettler
Gloria Chuku
A History of Political Participation by African Women
How has the political participation of African women changed over the years since European colonization? Gloria Chuku, professor and chair of Africana Studies at UMBC, tells us more.
June 16, 2017 Gloria Chuku
Star-Spangled Banner Flag House
Baltimore's Star Spangled Banner House
Did you know that Baltimore’s Star-Spangled Banner Flag House is celebrating ninety years as a historic landmark this year? As Flag Day approaches on June 14, the Flag House’s executive director Amanda Shores Davis tells us more about this iconic property.
June 9, 2017 Amanda Shores Davis
Lawrence Jackson
Billie Holiday Project for the Liberation Arts
How can the humanities help to recover and celebrate the literature, history, and arts of African-American communities in West Baltimore? Lawrence Jackson, Bloomberg Distinguished Professor in the Departments of English and History at Johns Hopkins University, tells us about his new initiative, set to operate through JHU’s Center for Africana Studies beginning this summer.
June 2, 2017 Lawrence Jackson
The Way We Worked in Carroll County
Did you know that wormseed oil production is one of the oldest industries in Maryland? We’re bringing a Smithsonian traveling exhibition, The Way We Worked, to five communities in Maryland this year and companion exhibitions will uncover the unique history of work in our state. Joanne Weant, manager of Carroll County Farm Museum in Westminster, tells us about the focus of the companion exhibit on this third stop of the tour.
May 26, 2017 Joanne Weant
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