2019 One Maryland One Book: Top Eleven Titles Announced!

January 3, 2019

Happy New Year from Maryland Center for the Book at Maryland Humanities! Whether you’re still curled up on vacation, grabbing the next train home, or just looking for an engrossing read to stave off the post-holiday blues, check out one of the books below. It could be the 2019 One Maryland One Book pick!

The 2019 One Maryland One Book theme is “Nature.” Readers across Maryland suggested more than 250 titles via email and the Maryland Center for the Book Facebook page. Our committee narrowed the list to the top 11 and will select the top 3 titles in late January.

Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram or subscribe to Maryland Humanities’ e-News to get the latest updates on the selection process and be the first to hear what we’ll be discussing across our state. We will know the 2019 selection in March. Learn more about the criteria and process on our website.

Top 11 titles under consideration for One Maryland One Book 2019

About One Maryland One Book

One Maryland One Book author Tim Junkin discusses "Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by DNA Evidence" at the Baltimore Book Festival, as part of the 2018 Author Tour.


One Maryland One Book author Tim Junkin discusses Bloodsworth: The True Story of the First Death Row Inmate Exonerated by DNA Evidence at the Baltimore Book Festival, as part of the 2018 Author Tour.



When we read a great book, we can’t wait to share the experience and talk about it with others. That’s one of the joys of reading. In that spirit, Maryland Humanities created One Maryland One Book to bring together diverse people in communities across the state through the shared experience of reading the same book.

One Maryland One Book programs, including an author tour, take place each year in the fall. We invite you to participate in book-centered discussions and related programs at public libraries, high schools, colleges, museums, bookstores, and community and senior centers around the state. A calendar of free public events will be available online this summer.

What do you think of the 2019 Top Eleven list? Have you read any of the titles and if so, what did you think? Let us know by posting a comment below! Please share this news with fellow readers from Mountain Maryland to the Eastern Shore.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed on our blog do not necessarily reflect the views or position of Maryland Humanities or our funders. 

7 thoughts on “2019 One Maryland One Book: Top Eleven Titles Announced!

  1. I have read “Flight Behavior” and found it to be a well written, interesting read about monarch butterflies and our environmental crisis. I think it would be a wonderful choice for One Maryland, One Book.
    Looking at the list of 11 books and reading summaries and reviews I found most of the books to be too depressing, too boring, too tedious to read. I certainly do not think you will get high school students to buy into most of these titles and I know that is one of your targeted audiences. The only other ones that looked the least bit interesting to me were “Grandma Gatewoods Walk” and “What the Eyes Don’t See”. I belong to 3 book groups and we always read the One Maryland, One Book selection. I would be hard pressed to convince any of the book group members to read most of these books. I think the only books of interest to my book groups would be “Flight Behavior” or “Grandma Gatewoods Walk”. Hopefully one of these will be chosen.

  2. Loved the Sixth Extinction. Author’s stories skillfully told illustrate the changes to our Earth that are happening now and must be addressed, to avoid the crises described in the United Nations IPCC report and the report of the Federal Government.

  3. LOVED Grandma Gatewoods Walk. First woman to hike the AT. And was so unprepared! Great story about a very determined woman and the Good Samaritans that helped along the way.

  4. Why did Maryland select the theme of “Nature..focusing on a natural disaster, preservation of the ecosystem, or a post-apocalyptic world where natural resources are scarce or depleted.”

    Was it to push the Climate Change hoax? Why are there no books selected on the opposing viewpoint, i.e. Scorched Earth by Michael Savage.

    The library has now become another propaganda piece for socialists/communists who’ve infiltrated America. First, they tried to sell us on global cooling. Then it was global warming. Now, it’s a term no one can argue with…climate change. Funny how the solutions to each require government intervention on a massive scale.

    When the government establishment frightens people about the changing climate and pretends they have the power to control the weather, they’ve got the perfect excuse to steal your property and money and enslave everyone to the New World Order that they salivate over.

    Do your own research and you will find that the government pays scientists, researchers and academics big money in the form of grants and so forth to back up their bogus claims about the weather. (Out of curiosity, I may read whatever the chosen book for Maryland One, but at least I’ll know what I’m reading is propaganda.)

    1. Hello, Bernadette. Thank you for your interest in One Maryland One Book. We chose this year’s theme of Nature as we’re exploring Water through two other programs in 2019: Chautauqua and Museum on Main Street. The possible story lines we mentioned were included to spur the imaginations of folks who wanted to submit titles for consideration and were not meant to be a definitive or restrictive list. For more information on the selection process, please check out our One Maryland One Book FAQ.

    2. Bernadette!!!!!!

      Climate is changing. Not a hoax, not a commie conspiracy. Be prepared and study science.


  5. Thanks for the comment and suggestion. It’s too late for 2019, but we’re accepting suggestions now for next year’s One Maryland One Book selection on the theme of “friendship.” Suggest a title.

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