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Two photos next to each other in one. The first (on the left) is of Stephanie Gomer, a white woman with dark curly hair worn down and glasses. She wears a gray t-shirt with a "P" on it, showing a falcon mascot, the mascot for Poolesville High School where she teaches. The second is of Erin Spahr, a blonde/dirty blonde-haired white woman wearing her hair down. She smiles and wears a long blue t-shirt. She is in in a classroom and on the wall is a bulletin board that says "American Studies 1."
Erin Spahr, Social Studies Teacher at Urbana Middle School and Stephanie Gomer, English Teacher at Poolesville High School, were named this year’s Maryland History Day Statewide Middle and High School Teacher of the Year, respectively. The teachers discuss the impact of Maryland History Day program on students.
April 16, 2024