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Image says "National Poetry Month Wrap-Up!" There is a graphic of a piece of paper or with a feather pen.
On World Poetry Day, we asked for your favorite line(s) of poetry and said we’d compile them. In honor National Poetry Month, which wraps up tomorrow, here’s the compiled piece we’ve woven into a single work just for fun. The selections ranged eras, tones and topic. Thank you to Facebook Followers for sharing their favorites: Baltimore Hon Hive, Mary Mencarini Campbell, Susan Parker Coleman, Wayne Drozynski, William Derge, Tara A. O’Brien Elliott, Fred Fox, Sarah Hartwick, Michelle Kreiner, Suzy Mazer, and Aravinda Pillalamarri,  
April 28, 2024
A headshot of a Lindsey Baker. She is a white woman with brown, curly hair past her shoulders. She wears a royal blue blouse with a V-neck and small dangly earrings. She is inside a building with brick background.
Executive Director Lindsey Baker looks at how organizations can fight stagnancy and reflects on Vu Le's latest Nonprofit AF blog post: "You’re not lazy. Here’s what lazy looks like in our sector."
July 13, 2023
A white woman gives a keynote address at a conference. There is a screen with a slide that is the name of the presentation: "Prioritizing Joy and Showing Grace: A Small Museum Call to Action"
“What would it look like if we took steps daily to care for ourselves and our colleagues in the same way as we do for the objects in our care?" This winter, Executive Director Lindsey Baker gave the keynote at the Small Museum Association Conference. The conference theme "Creating a Culture of Care."
May 18, 2023
Selfie of Jacquelyn Lucy, a retired white woman smiling. She has short gray hair, glasses, and wears a teal sweatshirt.
Jacquelyn Lucy is a lifelong Marylander: born in Baltimore and raised in Glen Burnie, she currently resides in Catonsville. Currently retired, the Maryland Humanities donor has had an eclectic career. Lucy served as a former English and Journalism teacher at Severna Park Senior High School, a Public Information Coordinator/ Director of Alumni and Public Affairs for Dean’s Office at University of Maryland School of Pharmacy, and the Media Relations Coordinator at the Community College of Baltimore County. She also owned her own marketing and communications business, Image Matters. Lucy spoke with us about the need for the humanities to address today’s issues in an open way.
August 8, 2022
A headshot of a Lindsey Baker. She is a white woman with brown, curly hair past her shoulders. She wears a royal blue blouse with a V-neck and small dangly earrings. She is inside a building with brick background.
Our Executive Director, Lindsey Baker, writes about her time starting out as our Executive Director, when we were all remote, getting to know people invested the organization, and how we've incorporated that into our programming.
March 15, 2022
A screenshot from a Zoom webinar with Lindsey Baker top right, a White woman in a red blouse; Tonya Aikens, top left, a Black woman in a brown blazer; and Alicia MccLeod, bottom, a Black woman in a coral shirt.
Executive Director Lindsey Baker checks in about Maryland Humanities' tangible steps and work towards operationalizing racial equity.
January 4, 2022
A headshot of Liz Cannon, a smiling white woman with cropped brown hair, from the shoulders up. Liz wears an eggplant-colored shirt with a scoop neck and small gold earrings. She is in front of a sandy-colored brick background.
Elizabeth (Liz) Cannon resides in Frederick and works as a content management consultant. She served on the Board of Directors of Maryland Humanities from 2010-2019: she has donated to the organization since 2009. Cannon judged the Maryland History Day competition at both the local and state level for many years, and performed in the organization’s final year of its living history program, Chautauqua. She talked about the importance of the humanities.
October 29, 2021
An image of a hand in a medical glove holding a clear vial marked "Vaccine COVID-19." Under the vaccine's name, the bottle says "Injection only." The label is white except the word "Vaccine" is on a small, black highlighted portion in white. The rest of the font is black.
Dr. Romuladus E. Azuine is the Executive Director of the Global Health and Education Projects, Inc., (GHEP) in Riverdale. GHEP works organization to increase awareness and education on the importance of humanities in public health. He writes about the relationship between the humanities and vaccine equity.
October 19, 2021
Jennifer E. Cupp is a multipronged supporter of Maryland Humanities. The seven-time Maryland History Day volunteer has also been a donor since 2015. A Training Consultant with the Veteran Benefits Administration (part of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs), Jennifer spoke to us about what makes our organization unique and the importance of the humanities.
May 6, 2021
An image of of Dr. Romuladus E. Azuine, a Black man. We see his head and the upper portion of his torso. He wears a Black suit jacket, a white button down shirt, and a tie with navy blue, purple, and light gray stripes. The background is off-white.
Global Health and Education Projects, Inc. (GHEP) is a recipient of one of Maryland Humanities’ Voices and Votes Electoral Engagement Project  Grants. The organization will use the grant to host a a one-day virtual voter education and community conversation titled “U.S. Elections 101." This workshop will educate participants on key aspects of U.S. elections, including the Electoral College, rules for voter eligibility, resources for voter registrations, and the differences between the U.S. electoral system and systems in other parts of the world. The event is geared toward Black citizens and immigrant groups, though all are welcome. We spoke to Romuladus Arzuine, GHEP’s Founder and Executive Director.
March 24, 2021