Contact information entries provide an organized way to add this information to site pages, and can be displayed on most page templates with a left sidebar (i.e. two- and three- column).

Adding and editing contacts

From the WordPress dashboard, click Contacts on the left menu to bring up the full listing. To edit an existing entry, click its name in the list; to add a new entry, click Add New at the top of the page.

On the Edit Contact page, there are several fields available:

  • Title: in this case, the title is internal only.
  • Section title: displayed at the top of the section in large text.
  • Contact name: can also include title if desired.
  • Phone number: generally styled with parentheses, e.g. (410) 685-4183
  • Email address: e.g.
  • Contact name 2, etc: allows you to specify a second contact, if desired.
  • Twitter link: add the URL for the relevant twitter page, if desired.
  • Facebook link: add the URL for the relevant facebook page, if desired.
  • Caption: small, italicized text after the social icons.

Be sure to click Publish or Update to make your changes live.

Displaying contact information

On the Edit Page screen, the Choose Contact Callout field appears after the main content area. This field will be available on the settings screen regardless of whether the currently chosen template uses it. To add a contact entry:

  • Go to the Edit Contact page for the item you want to add.
  • Check the URL of this page: it should look something like “”. Find the number after “post=” in the URL, in this case 3237.
  • Go back to the page where you want to add the banner image set and find the box labeled Choose Contact Callout. Enter the ID number from the previous step in the text field, then update or publish the page to make your changes live.

Note: if the selected ID is invalid or if the field is left blank, nothing will be displayed.