Billboard Blocks

Billboards are two-column promotional areas that highlight special features with a large image or video, brief text, and links to more information. Aim to keep the length of content in proportion to the image or video size.

To add a billboard block, click the + button in a column and select Billboard from the popup window.

To edit existing billboard blocks, hover over the block and click the edit button from the context menu.

By default, the billboard block is divided into two sections: green on the left and grey on the right. The left section includes several fields:

  • The title is displayed at the top of the call to action in large white text.
  • The introductory paragraph is displayed next, in enlarged semibold text.
  • The description is displayed in default body text style, and can include HTML elements for style if necessary.
  • The link text, if filled out, will generate a button at the bottom of the section with the supplied text. Note that you must supply both link text and link URL for the button to display.
  • The link URL allows you to specify where users are sent when they click on the button. Enter a full URL, e.g.
  • The Open Link In New Window checkbox allows you to specify whether the link should open in a new browser window (or use the existing browser window by default).

The right section includes two fields:

  • The Picture or Video Embed Code box allows you to add an image from the media library or paste in a video embed code.
  • The caption is displayed under the image or video.

In addition to editing the contents, the context menu allows you to move the billboard block to a different location in the layout, copy the billboard block and its contents, or delete the block.

Once you are finished making changes, click Publish or Update on the right side of the page to make your changes live.

Sample billboard block

Sample introduction

Sample body text

Button text

Sample caption