Tweet Section

The tweet section allows you to highlight a short section of text, such as an excerpt or quote, and automatically creates a link to share the text on Twitter. To add a tweet section, click the + button in a column and select Tweet Section from the popup window.

To edit an existing tweet section, hover over the block and click the edit button from the context menu.

The tweet section includes two simple text fields:

  • The display text is shown on the page, along with the Share Tweet button. By default, this is also the text that is included in the twitter link; for this reason, be wary of including special characters.
  • The optional custom tweet text field is included for situations where you do not want the Share Tweet text to match the text that is displayed, e.g. the text is longer than Twitter allows and you want to provide a condensed version. If you fill out this field, it will be used in the Share Tweet link instead of the display text.

In addition to editing the contents, the context menu allows you to move the tweet section to a different location in the layout, copy the tweet section and its contents, or delete it.

Once you are finished making changes, click Publish or Update on the right side of the page to make your changes live.