Image Galleries

You can use image galleries when you have multiple images that you want to display in a page’s main content section. To add an image gallery, click the + button in a column and select Image Gallery from the popup window.

To edit existing image galleries, hover over the block and click the edit button from the context menu.

The image gallery contains a number of available settings:

  • The widget title is displayed above the gallery in large text.
  • The gallery type allows you to select the style that your gallery will use. Flex slider fade, flex slider slide, and nivo slider are all different styles of image carousels, or you can choose an image grid that shows multiple image thumbnails at once.
  • The auto rotate setting allows you to specify how fast the image carousel advances.
  • The image source setting determines whether images will be selected from the media library (recommended) or specified with a list of URLs.
  • The images list allows you to select which images you want to display from the media library. Click the + button and select/deselect which images you want to include in the popup, then click Add Images.
  • The image size setting allows you to specify which size of image to use in the gallery. Refer to the image sizes mentioned in the field description. Note that the smaller image sizes may still be displayed at full width, so using smaller sizes may negatively affect quality.
  • The on click action setting allows you to specify whether images in the gallery open a popup, open the full-sized image in a new window, or open a custom link when clicked.

The text block also contains one setting on the General tab that you should not need (Extra class name) and a variety of settings in the Design Options tab which should not be needed when using your custom theme.

In addition to editing the contents, the context menu allows you to move the image gallery to a different location in the layout, copy the image gallery and its contents, or delete the gallery.

Once you are finished making changes, click Publish or Update on the right side of the page to make your changes live.