Sparks of Inspiration

Sparks of inspiration are quotes or other short pieces of content that can be displayed toward the bottom of most page templates and are all shown collectively on the Sparks of Inspiration page.

Adding and editing sparks of inspiration

From the WordPress dashboard, click Sparks of Inspiration on the left menu to bring up the full listing. To edit an existing spark, click its name in the list; to add a new spark, click Add New at the top of the page.

On the Edit Spark of Inspiration page, there are several fields available:

  • Title: in this case, the title is internal only.
  • Quote: the main content of the spark. Quotation marks are not added automatically by the site, so add them in the text if desired.
  • Source: the person contributing the quote.
  • Image: an optional image can be displayed along with the quote. Large or high-res images are not necessary here.
  • Tag: sparks of inspiration are generally displayed by category, so be sure to add tags for the appropriate categories here.

Be sure to click Publish or Update to make your changes live.

Displaying sparks of inspiration

On the Edit Page screen, most page templates will have a Sparks of Inspiration field after the main content area. To display sparks of inspiration of a specific category, add the name of a category from this list, e.g. enter About the Humanities to display only sparks with that tag. To display sparks of inspiration from all categories, enter All. If no sparks are found in the selected category or if the field is left blank, nothing will be displayed.

Be sure to click Publish or Update to make your changes live.