Page Templates

Standard pages can have one of three templates: three-column, two-column (default), two-column (content and right sidebar) and one-column.

Three-column templates include:

  • standard header
  • full-width banner section
  • left sidebar subnavigation and optional contact callout
  • main content area
  • custom right sidebar
  • full-width sparks of inspiration section (option)
  • standard footer

The two-column (default) template includes all of the above except the custom right sidebar. The two-column (content and right sidebar) template includes the content and the right sidebar, but no left sidebar.

One-column templates omit both the left and right sidebars.

You can select the template on the edit page screen.


  • The two-column template is named Default.
  • The controls for the left sidebar contact callout and the right sidebar are visible on the page editor regardless of what template is selected.
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