Editing the Footer

Different parts of the page footer are edited in different ways:

  • The About Us text, address, contact info, and social links are edited as HTML in the Appearance > Customize screen under the Footer section.
  • The recent tweets section is automatically populated from Twitter.
  • The Featured Donor or Partner section is populated with a random entry from the Partners section:
    • To edit an existing partner logo, click the partner┬áname in the list on the Partners page to open the Edit Partner screen.
    • To change the logo, click Add File and select a new image in the media library.
    • To add or change the link associated with the logo, enter a new URL in the Link field.
    • To confirm any of the above changes, click the Update button to the right.
    • To delete an existing partner, click Move to Trash.
    • To add a new partner, click Add New under Partners in the left sidebar or at the top of the Partners list, add a logo as described above, and click Publish.